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Great Startup Opportunity HEAD OF EDITORIAL Job Type: Contract. Remote. LRT Sports is the destination where current and former student athletes anonymously review college coaches and provide feedback. LRT Sports also provides DIY recruiting guides, athlete stories, news and interviews. Our athletes come to LRT Sports to share their story, and have their voice heard for the next generation of athletes to learn, listen, and research. Our corporate culture is dynamic, fun and transparent. Constructive criticism is an area we thrive in as a team. We believe since we are a rating system and allow individuals to speak transparently, that the same needs to be true for how we work as a staff. Responsibilities LRT Sports is seeking a dynamic Head of Editorial to be responsible for the editorial direction, audience development, brand voice, and operations, overseeing all content creation and extensions. Manage Editorial Content and Strategy: We want to ramp up content production pretty quickly. You’ll be key in defining the brand voice and content direction to engage audience and grow site traffic. Your daily responsibilities include doing everything from the ideation to the keyword research, outlines, top editing, scheduling, and publishing. Recruit and Manage a Roster of Freelance Writers: You’ll be tasked with retaining top-notch freelancers and ensuring they produce articles on time and to our high standards. Manage and Work with Interns: Ability to work with and manage interns for content strategies and content creation. Here is where managerial skills come into play; you are comfortable taking charge, providing direction, and organizing content strategies and creation for our internship program. What makes you a good fit? You Know You Can: You may not have 10 years of experience but you have a lot of ideas and you know you can do the job. Understand College Athletes: If you were an athlete or have family members that are/were athletes. You have a deep understanding of the demand that the student athletes go through from high school to college. Excited About Helping People: Everything we write and produce should be helping student athletes get a better handle on their lives and to guide them towards a direction or solution. Superhero Top Editor: Typos and grammatical errors don’t get past you. Willingness to Embrace SEO: Getting organic traffic from Google is key responsibility of this role. Experience here isn’t necessary, but have a willingness to learn about the craft of Search Engine Optimization. We want to have engaging content for our readers and make sure the readers can find the articles in search engines. Creative: You are an innovator of ideas for content strategies, twists on topics, and ideas for surveys and data-driven studies. Qualifications 5+ years of editorial experience Able to work remotely and manage teams remotely Great communicator and can work with a wide range of teams and stakeholders to build great products Goal oriented Must have strong attention to detail Data focused: use data to decide what's working, what's not and you aren't afraid to iterate if the data is showing you need to change. A problem solver: no problem scares you and you will jump in and figure it out. Solid computer skills and tech platform familiarity including Slack, Google Drive, Wordpress, spreadsheets and powerpoint. Compensation to be discussed.