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Athlete Development "On Purpose" Mini-Cohort - The Athlete Book

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Discover your life’s purpose and passion as you navigate college and career opportunities Join us for a 5 session mini-series alongside a community of motivated college students from around the country. Starting August 30th, Social Contract and The Athlete Book will lift off an inaugural career development program that will help students develop a deeper understanding of their purpose, passion and career fields of interest. This program will provide personal and professional clarity, catalytic networking opportunities, professional skill development and confidence as participants leave to enter the working world with clear intention - On Purpose... Participants will experience Authentic community (get to know new people!) Career exploration and development (get a glimpse what the world has to offer) Personal and professional growth (get ready to explore the world of work) Self reflection and mindfulness (get clear on who you are, and what you want to do) Participants will learn: Their purpose, passion and industry interests How to customize your internship experience How to network to get the job of your dreams Invaluable professional skills and perspectives Industry knowledge in areas of personal passion and interest AUGUST 30th 6:30 PM EST (1) Discover your Purpose: Get to Know Who You Are, and Why You're Here This workshop will break the ice amongst our On Purpose cohort. We will begin by building community and authentic connection between cohort members. As the session progresses participants will be challenged to self reflect on what makes you unique and develop a vision for who we wish to become in your wildest dreams. Participants will discover your purpose,your boldness, your you-ness… while also considering what you care most about, what the world needs, and what you wish to do about it. We will cover: - Community Building - Who You Are / What you care about - Your Values/ Interests - Your Unique Purpose / Skills