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Leadership Academy Rotational Program Associate -

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Austin, Texas
Do you want to be part of a formative year that will set you apart with real-life, hands-on business experience, entrepreneurial savvy, and leadership skills? Do you desire a year of growing, stretching, hard work, and ultimate payoff with the guidance of mentors who were once in your shoes and like-minded peers with the same goals? If so, we want to know you. At Leadership Academy, we want to invest in you as you invest in your future. Position: Leadership Academy Rotational Program Business Associate with Clean Scapes Landscaping, Top Choice Lawn Care, PJS of Texas, and ECS of Texas Role Summary: Leadership Academy is a one-year early career development program that will ignite your professional and personal growth where recent college graduates are hired on as Business Associates. This position combines real field experience, a variety of job assignments and company rotations, lessons in business, mentorship from company executives, a speaker series of successful leaders, and community with like-minded peers in your cohort. A role as a Leadership Academy Business Associate positions you to become a future leader in one of our partnering companies or beyond. Essential Responsibilities: • You will work in several “best-in-class” service companies that lead the market in their respective industries. • You will rotate through multiple companies, spending several months at each, experiencing how business operations run from frontline work to the executive team. • You will get hands-on experience executing the “blue collar” work that makes our society run. This is the hard, dirty, sweaty, physically demanding work. • You will have opportunities to lead and manage people. • You will be mentored and developed with routine and frank feedback from company leaders. • You will engage in leadership development with your cohort weekly including a speaker series with successful community leaders, a rigorous study program of books and resources to guide your career, and lessons in business and leadership. As part of Leadership Academy, you’ll discover unmatched opportunities to turn your higher education into real-world experience with companies that are committed to bettering the lives of their people and communities. Qualifications/Requirements: • Bachelor's degree (or higher) • Minimum 3.0 overall GPA • 0-3 years of relevant work experience (Typically, you would be a recent graduate looking for a real taste of a career-oriented life) • Must be willing to relocate to Austin, TX • Candidates must graduate and be available for work prior to August 2022 • Demonstrates Competency: Leadership experience, strong academic and extracurricular record, problem- • solver, demonstrated motivation to make a difference • Demonstrates Character: Eager to learn, humble, receptive, desire to help and serve, personal integrity • Demonstrates Culture: People-oriented, strategic, long-term thinker, hardworking Location: Austin, TX Compensation: $45,000 annualized with opportunities for advancement Applications are rolling: Start Date: 2022 Cohort begins August 2022 Visit for more information.